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Succulent Kokedama Bouquet



As apart of our backyard series, the kokedama bouquet workshop is a great class to learn new skills associated with succulent and cacti gardening. Using a collection of desert plan t all grown locally in south east Queensland we will be making a large scale kokedama that is a stand alone ascent for any home or office.

Below is what you can expect to learn form the workshop:

1. We introduce you to over 20 species of succulents from all different plant families and origins

2. We teach you how to create mixtures and mediums for tropical plants to make ensure they thrive!

3. We teach and demonstrate techniques in creating a large scale kokedama ( Weaving, neat twine)

By going through these key processes you will be equipped with the tools to create your own forest orbs at home easily and keep them healthy seasonally and long term .


So what does my ticket include to make your terrarium at the class ?

  • -  Kokedama bouquet handbook with everything you need to know from the class

  • -  3x succulent 70mm plants with over 20 species to choose from

  • -  growing materials ( mosses, soil mixtures )

  • -  twine, rope for finishing the kokedama

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