Pilea Aluminium

Pilea Aluminium


Pilea Aluminium Plant

A beautiful indoor foliage plant that is for every plant collector! The combination of texture and colour variations is why this plant is widely popular in the plant community!

What you will receive is an entire plant with well developed root systems.

The plants available are all over 15cm tall with 6+ leaves and well established cane stalk. 

Each plant is packaged bare rooted in sphagnum moss and the vesicle it is planted in is taped to the postage box to avoid movement. 

We take great care in looking after our plants and we would never want to see any plants damaged! 

We post on Mondays and Tuesdays to avoid plants being held at the post office over the weekend and each plant is posted express with tracking

Local pick up can be arranged on weekdays in Brisbane. Please comment when purchasing if you want to pick up your plant! 

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