With over 4 years of experience and 2000 students, the leading lady Bella knows how to teach plants! Offering a wide selection of classes, we cater to the begginer, obsessed and advanced gardeners. Our mission is to Ensure you leave happy, relaxed and informed so you can take your newly founded planty knowledge into the world! 



For the plant nerds and house plant collectors! 

  • Grow your plant collection by propagating!
  • Learn multiple methods of plant propagation. 
  • Learn how to propagate tropical houseplants, succulents and edibles .
  • Take home plant cuttings, vesicles to propagate and horticultural ingredients 
  • Over 50+ plant species will be discussed ! 


For the succulent obsessed and addicted!

1. Learn the intricate art of Japanese bonkei combined with  Terrarium landscaping

2.Learn and identify over 50+ succulent species !

3.Take home your individualised succulent terrarium crafted by you! 

4. Grow your succulent terrarium successfully with our take home booklet and make many more at home!

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Who doesn't want a miniature rainforest!

  • Learn the intricate art of tropical terrarium landscaping bonkei which is a traditional form of Japanese gardening. 
  • Grow your indoor plant knowledge with over 50+ plants and mosses discussed! 
  • Take home a tropical terrarium crafted by you! 
  • Take home our terrarium booklet that will assist you in the aftercare and Maitenence so you can keep your terrarium healthy through all seasons and make many more. 


Dip your toes into the world of Japanese Kokedama

  • A beginners course into the Japanese gardening technique of kokedama
  • craft 2 individual kokedamas to take home !
  • Learn how to adapt the TECHNIQUE of kokedama to succulents, cacti, indoor plants ,, orchids, bromeliads and more! 
  • Learn the starting basics to macrame and how to display your kokedams at home!
  • Take home our kokedama booklet which will assist you in making future kokedamas and keeping them healthy for the longterm!


Make a statement and take your kokedama game to the next level!

  • Learn the intricate technique of creating a centrepiece kokedama using multiple Japanese  techniques. 
  • Grow your knowledge on kokedama and learn how to create Orchid, vegetable, succulents and indoor plant centrepieces.
  • Take home your very own impressive kokedama centrepiece 
  • Take home our advanced kokedama booklet so you can create many more and have all of the tools to look after them perfectly all year round . 


If you're obsessed with moss and lichens just like we are then this workshop is for you!

  • Learn how to create your very own mossarium , combining local mosses and preserved lichens! 
  • Learn how to landscape with crystals in your terrarium to create a magical composition! 
  • Take home your very own mossarium crafter for you by you! 
  • Take home our mossarium booklet which will teach you how to look after your creation for the long term and create many many more! 


You're never too old to create a fairy garden! 

  • Learn how to create a miniature Terrarium landscape using specialised fairy garden ingredients! 
  • Use the Japanese gardening technique of bonkei to create a stunning miniature landscape 
  • Take home your very own fairy garden crafted by you 
  • Our fairy garden booklet will show you exactly how to look after your terrarium for the long term and also how to make many many more in the future! 


Pop culture + Terrariums ? yes please ! 

  • Combine your love for Miyazakis’ My neighbour totoro and gardening to create your very own miniature landscape representative of the movie!
  • Use the Japanese gardening technique of bonkei to create your landscape 
  • Take home your dream totoro landscape crafted by you!
  • Take home and Use our pop culture terrarium booklet to look after your terrarium and create many more at home! 


Take your garden and succulent obsession everywhere you go! 

  • Learn the intricate and delicate art to creating living jewellery . 
  • we teach you how to grow the succulents used for the jewellery
  • Using mosses and baby succulents you will craft your very own individualised pendant and succulent ring!
  • Take home your jewellery creations and our living jewellery handbook which shows you how to create more pieces at home and look after them!


Getting your hands dirty and creating is what school holidays is all about!

  • Our school holiday workshop series will teach your kids about gardening and creating using plants! 
  • Your kids will enjoy combining plants with their favourite figurines and taking them home and looking after them and learning how to garden at a young age! 
  • They will leave with their own creation and a booklet on how to look after their plants!